The  project involved the laying of the 24” and 18” pipe lines, the 24” Pipe going from the beach to the Carina platform, joined at the Tee assembly by the 18” Pipe which goes to the Aries platform, piggy backed to these are the 3.5” & 4.5” MEG lines, 3.5# on the 18” and 4.5 on the 24” pipe lines. Setting of the two platforms. The following are the tasks which the dive teams carried out during the operation.

Air Diving.

Plough support.

Sheave disconnection.

Sleeper installation.

Wet store Tee assembly.

Stabilization flooding


Freespan correction.

Assist with pigging and flooding operations.

Installation and removal of pigging, pulling and laydown heads.

Metrology for the spools.

Spool installation, 18”, 24”, 3.5” and  4.5” lines.

Removal of dummy spool.

Install Tee assembly.

Grout bagging of sleepers.


As required by client.

Bell emergency recovery.