Mohn Drilling AS is a diving and ROV contractor headquartered in Bergen, Norway. With a primary focus on offshore operations, Mohn Drilling operates primarily in the Tierra del Fuego region of Argentina. The company has been involved in offshore ROV as well as commercial diving in both saturation and surface supply since 1996. This includes extensive operations worldwide on behalf of various major clients in the oil and gas industry.

MD has a JV with DOF Subsea for Total Austral on board the Skandi Patagonia, since the year 2000. Since 2018 Mohn Drilling expanded the operations to also include a JV with the Argentine offshore ship-owner Bahia Grande on board Normand Commander for ENAP.

Mohn Drilling owns and operates the air and saturation diving systems and WROVs on the vessels mentioned above.

Mohn Drilling has within its organization a wealth of expertise in both diving and the ROV department. Our Buenos Aires office runs the South American operations.

Mohn Drilling has been an IMCA member since 2000 and we are annually ISO 9001 audited.


Mohn Drilling offers air & saturation diving. We have 20 years of experience with commercial diving, with an excellent HSE track record. Our team is accustomed with the harsh environmental conditions of the South Atlantic; strong currents, cold water and little to zero visibility.

Typical scopes of our diving operations are inspection, maintenance and repair of platforms, subsea production stations and loading buoys. In addition we also do various installation and light construction work i.e. pipelines, spool installation and tie-ins.

Through the years, we have trained our local team to meet the IMCA standards. We have 25 employees in Argentina, in addition to an experienced pool of offshore divers.


Mohn Drilling has 20 years of experience as a ROV contractor. We use high-powered compact electrical ROV’s from Argus Remote Systems AS. Typical tasks are dive support, IMR, light construction and drill support for the oil & gas industry. We have a team of senior supervisors who have a long record of accomplishment with Mohn Drilling using Argus deep water electrical ROVs.

Operating in Argentina has given us valuable knowledge of conducting operations in high current, low visibility waters.