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Mohn Drilling has an extensive list of services, from commercial offshore diving to consulting. Contact us today for requests or questions!

Offshore and Diving

Mohn Drilling offers air & saturation diving. We have 20 years of experience with commercial diving, with an excellent HSE track record.Our team is accustomed with harsh environmental conditions: strong currents, cold water.


Mohn Drilling AS engineers within electrical, computer and mechanical disciplines. We can aid in both problem solving, design and analysis.

We provide full range of Premium Consultation Services for your business

Mohn Drilling AS is a diving and ROV contractor based in Bergen, Norway, established in 1985, founded by Stein Mohn. The company has been involved in offshore ROV as well as commercial diving in both saturation and surface supply since 1996. This includes extensive operations worldwide on behalf of various major clients in the oil and gas industry.

Today Mohn Drilling’s (MD) main area of activity is offshore Tierra del Fuego, Argentina. MD have a JV with DOF Subsea for Total Austral on-board the Skandi Patagonia, since the year 2000.

Mohn Drilling owns and operates all diving related activities which includes the ROV system, in essence all underwater operations from the vessel. MD crew have the responsibility for the maintenance work in connection to the Total Austral Single Buoy Mooring (SBM) both subsea and surface.

Mohn Drilling has within its organization a wealth of expertise in both ROV and the diving contracting division. Qualified engineering management, and within the MD offshore teams covering dive support vessels around the world, having IMCA Superintendents/ Dive and Life Support supervision, technicians down to the professional diver.

The MD Diving technical Superintendents have a minimum of 20 years’ experience, are trained in dive system safety management and have a suitable credited OGP audit qualification.

Head Office

Stein Mohn

Stein Christian Mohn
Executive Vice President

John Hoel
Project Manager

Bob Davies
Dive Systems Manager


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Tel: +47 5552 7450

Company registry
936 552 277


Visiting address

Øvre Kråkenes 115, Kråkenes, N-5152 Bønes, Bergen Norway

Postal address

PO Box 20, Kråkenes, 5896 Bergen,Norway

Development office

Magnus Rogne Myklebost
Senior Product Developer and Project Manager

Eirik Anfindsen Solberg
Senior Product Developer

Einar Johan Mehl
Senior Product Developer

Saber Derouiche
Senior Product Developer


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Visit www.mohntechnology.no for more info


Visit and delivery address

Johan Berentsens vei 65, 5160 Laksevaag, Norway

Entrance on the right side of building, closest to the fence.

Argentine Office

Cesar Capria
General Manager B.A.s Argentina

Zunilda Quittard
Employment & HR Logistics Management B.A.s Argentina

Mariana Etchart
Employment & HR Logistics Management B.A.s Argentina

Agustina Etchart
Assistant Employment & HR Logistics Management B.A.s Argentina


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Tel: +54 1147862272
Mobile: +54 911 5053 9741



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